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Tia Dalma
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[Diu: 29th
Mensis: November Annus: 2006 Hora: 1:55pm]
It only took me a month and half!

Here is the finished costume:

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[Diu: 18th
Mensis: September Annus: 2006 Hora: 1:11pm]
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[Diu: 7th
Mensis: September Annus: 2006 Hora: 10:33am]
Alright guys. So i'm all moved. And i last night I finished the back. And then i was a little drunk, from drinking margaritas, and decided to put on the dress, and the wig and random jewelry i wont be using for the actual costume, and ham it up for the camera. I'll have more detailed pics by the weekend. Enjoy!

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[Diu: 18th
Mensis: August Annus: 2006 Hora: 5:50pm]
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I am so sorry I havent updated sooner. But here they are. Updates of the dress. The bare bones to it is almost done. I have to finish the sleeves, and finish the back and the front and the bare bones part of it will be done. Then i have to adorn it with shells and things, and tatter it, and eventually let is soak in tea. But. I have a great start. I move next weekend. And will take a break after that. But the goal was to get the dress done, so i could adorn it, once i'm moved. Enjoy!!

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[Diu: 28th
Mensis: July Annus: 2006 Hora: 12:19pm]
Wednesday night I secured the dress from Salvation Army (HUGE backstory there), having already aquired most of the fabric, I got started.

I bought a greenish tan flat sheet at Wal-Mart for 2.76, to use for the middle layer of the skirt. I started sewing it onto the dress, making pleats. Which turned out to be tedious and time consuming. (pics to come)

I also sewed about 30 patches to use on that portion of the dress. Using Purple, tan and various fabrics for scraps.

Last night (thursday) I finished pleating the skirt, and measured the top layer (apron looking thing) So that I could sew it this weekend. The most time consuming thing last night was the belt. Which I had an old leather tie belt to work from. And i had to take the leather straps out of it, and sew onto it a fur lining, which on Tia's dress is white. but all i was able to find was a black and white mix and it was only 25 cents a yard to boot! I used about 2 1/2 yard on the whole belt, and then had to use my dad's dremmel to drill holes on the leather belt to start adorning it with shells and beads. I completed one side. (pictures to come)
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[Diu: 28th
Mensis: July Annus: 2006 Hora: 12:10pm]
This is the costume I am making. And the days that follow are my progress. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.








This is the dress I purchased to make Tia's dress from. As it would be to difficult to start from scratch.

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